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Design is not just about creating beautiful things,
it's about solving human problems with creativity and empathy.

Work collection.

Park my car
application design
Park my car app simplifies the process of finding and reserving parking spots. It uses real-time data to display available parking spaces and offers multiple payment options, making it easy and convenient for drivers. With an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the app provides a hassle-free solution for those looking for parking options. The app's features also include alerts and reminders to help drivers avoid fines and parking tickets.
Park my car.png
Zoological park
website design
As a web designer, I create a website for a zoological park. This involves designing a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that showcases the park's attractions and features, as well as providing practical information such as opening hours and ticket prices. The website may also include interactive elements, such as virtual tours or live webcams, to engage visitors and promote the park's conservation efforts.

As a designer, I am actively posting my design projects on Behance to reach a wider audience and receive feedback on my work. The platform allows me to create a professional portfolio with high-quality images, project descriptions, and links to related work. By consistently updating my portfolio with new projects, I am able to establish my brand as a skilled and versatile designer, and showcase my creativity and expertise in the design industry.

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Work collection

About me.



अतुल       أتول       阿图       アツル       Атул       Atoul      ატულ     અતુલ       אטול    Atọl       ಅತುಲ್       අතුල්       អាតុល       아툴       അതുൽ       ଅତୁଲ       ਅਤੁਲ     அதுல்      אַטול       atıl       Athul

The word originates from Sanskrit, meaning 'incomparable' or 'matchless' or 'unique'.

In grade 9, I discovered my love for graphic design and animation, and I quickly became passionate about creating my own designs and animations. I won numerous awards and accolades for my work, and it became clear that design was my true calling.


After graduation, I landed a job in the banking industry, thanks to my MBA in finance. However, I found myself missing the creativity and problem-solving that came with design. I knew I needed to make a change, so I made the leap into the design field full-time.


It hasn't always been easy, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion and use my skills to make a difference in the world.

profile 01.png


As a UI/UX or product designer, I specialize in user research, user flows, mockups, information architecture, wireframing, visual design, prototyping, prioritization, usability testing, user interviews, persona building, communication, presentation, time management, collaboration, and leadership. By leveraging these skills, I create exceptional products that solve real problems for users while meeting business objectives. I'm passionate about creating intuitive and engaging designs that deliver a superior user experience.

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About Me



Advice for the Public Infographic

Another creative way to engage with your community is using your skills to share factual information about best practices and guidelines...

Rosa Merced & Adobe Blog


Can design.png

Best Illustrated Branding

designed the energy drink cans with the zodiac's astrological symbols, then painted the inside with the same shade of the planet...

Frame 195.png



Iphone 12 pro.png

Multiple iPhone 12 Mockup

Multiple iPhone 12 Mockup made by Atul Charde and updated 1 year ago. It has a Adobe Photoshop format, and belongs to iPhone Mockups category...



Iphone 12.png

Free iPhone Pro 12 Mockup (PSD)

Another creative way to engage with your community is using your skills to share factual information about best practices and guidelines...




Kind words.

"Atul is one of the most hardworking and creative UI/UX professional I have come across. Atul has a unique point of view for design which empathises with the end users. Atul does not limit himself to merely working on the UI/UX, but engages with tech teams to understand the information architectures. This helps him to come up with suggestions which help tech teams design workflows which are a delight from UI/UX standpoint and technically feasible to develop. He is a great asset to have in the team."

Frame 196.png

Kunal Ahirrao

Ast. General Manager

Bajaj Finserv, India

"I have been working closely with Atul for almost an year now. He is one of the finest designers I have worked with. Extremely disciplined, hard-working and focused when it comes down to delivering high quality designs within the stipulated timelines. He adapts really well with changing needs of stakeholders and is very supportive of his peers. As a person he is polite and humble, and wins over admiration from the people around him owing to his highly positive attitude. He is a great friend, a great artist and an overachiever."

Frame 197.png

Abhijeet Adsod

Lead Product Manager

Coditas, India

"Atul is an accomplished UI/UX and product designer with extensive experience in the field. He possesses a keen eye for detail, which allows him to create designs that are visually appealing and easy to use. His ability to understand the needs and preferences of clients and users enables him to deliver designs that are not only attractive but also highly functional. Atul's exceptional design skills, combined with his collaborative approach and excellent communication, make him a valuable asset to any project."

Frame 198.png

Dr. Mehmet Keçeci

Head Professor (PhD)

Gebze Technical University, Turkey

"Atul is a skilled financial application and web product designer with a solid background in creating innovative designs that cater to the unique needs of the finance industry. He understands the user experience in financial products and strives to deliver designs that are user-friendly & visually engaging. Atul's expertise in financial product design, combined with his strong analytical skills & attention to detail, allows him to create designs that meet the functional requirements of clients while ensuring a positive user experience."

Frame 199.png

Marlyn Purcell

Principal Consultant - Marketing

CMCC Financial Solutions, Ireland

Kind words
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Get in touch.

Let's Work Together.

Thanks for taking the time to contact me! and watching my Product Design Portfolio, I'd love to build something amazing for you...

+91 89282 24849

Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411014

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